Our Company

Jacob Riggs started Riggs Custom Builders  17 years ago.  It was a “one man show” with Jacob working all the jobs on his own.  From those humble beginnings Riggs Custom Builders has grown into a premier home builder and renovation company.  Remodels, additions, restorations, and repair work require a wide range of skills that can only be developed through experience.  Jacob and the team he has brought together are dedicated to bringing these skills to your project and providing a construction experience that is second-to-none.

Our Philososphy

At Riggs Custom Builders we have a passion for completing each project on schedule and on budget while making the entire process as enjoyable as possible. Every project is treated as a top priority and every client is treated like a member of our family.

Meet the Owners

Jacob Riggs – Founder and President

Jacob Riggs, the company’s founder, started working for a local grading company 17 years ago.  Right away he began to develop a passion for the construction industry.  After two years, he took a position with a custom builder in Greenville.  Over the next few years, Jacob’s experiences with this builder allowed him to hone his skills and made him aware that few things bring him greater joy than watching a project grow from concept to reality. This motivated him to earn a Bachelors Degree in construction management and he began doing some small projects on his own. Shortly after graduation, Jacob got married.  He and his wife Alaina then decided to spend a summer in Alaska helping a friend build a house.  As the project and an Alaskan summer came to a close, Jacob and Alaina felt led to move to Cleveland, GA to help at a Christian camp and retreat center called “Woodlands”.  For the next two years, Jacob was instrumental in building over 20,000 square feet of cabins and in helping to complete several other vital projects.  Once the work was completed, Jacob, Alaina, and their first son, moved back home to Greenville, SC to officially start Riggs Custom Builders.  The company has grown a lot since then, but Jacob is still personally involved with the details of every project.  Jacob’s dedication to quality and to finding the best solutions for our clients, has allowed him to develop the skills and the team necessary to become one of the most respected custom builders in the upstate.

When not at work, Jacob enjoys spending time with his family, working with his church in several ministries, and enjoys many outdoor activities.

-photos courtesy of Alaina Riggs Photography

Aaron Sallé – Partner

Aaron Sallé joined Riggs Custom Builders as a partner at the end of 2014. Interestingly, Aaron and Jacob grew up at the same school and church and even worked for the same custom builder (albeit at different times) but never considered working together until their careers overlapped in Cleveland, GA at Woodlands Camp.  Aaron was the Director of Operations at Woodlands and it was there that he discovered he had both an interest and a growing passion for customer service and operational efficiencies.  Aaron’s focus at Riggs Custom Builders is in operations, scheduling, and finances.  While Aaron’s role is largely “behind-the-scenes” he works tirelessly in an effort to keep every project on-schedule and in budget for our clients.  Everyone who works with Riggs Custom Builders or for Riggs Custom Builders knows that Aaron is fond of saying, “Mistakes are OK…as long as they are new ones.” Considering how many various types of projects Riggs Custom Builders has completed over the years – he has little patience for mistakes, but still shows understanding if they are indeed a “new” one.

When not working, Aaron enjoys time with his family, working with various ministries at his church,  golfing, and camping.

-photos courtesy of Alaina Riggs Photography