Greenville Handicap Accessible Home Remodeling & Renovation

Modifying Your Home to be Handicap Accessible

Even though you may have been born and lived a good portion of your life not having to worry about these kinds of things, one day you may need to invest in a handicap accessible home renovation. That could mean widening doorways, installing ramps, or a variety of other things. Some builders account for this future potentiality, making it easier for you to stay in your home as you age, instead of having to relocate yourself, your family, and all of your belongings to a new place.

At Riggs Custom Builders, we want to make living life easier for you, and that may involve slightly modifying your home to allow for wheelchairs and walkers. The good news is that, although your lifestyle may change a bit due to the accommodations you require, we can help you make your life feel more normal, and make your home more safe and comfortable for you.

Should You Stay or Should You Go?

If you are one day confronted with the choice of having to fix your current home to fit your new situation or relocate (possibly to a nursing home), which would you choose – would you rather move or improve? Most people would probably opt to stay at home, and Riggs Custom Builders can help!

Depending on your needs, you may need to alter the heights of counters, install supportive bathroom fixtures, and making sure that you can easily go everywhere you need to go with your assistive device (such as a walker or wheelchair).

What Can Riggs Custom Builders Do For You?

  • We can remodel your bathroom! In order to allow room for walkers and wheelchairs, bathrooms usually need to be remodeled; modifications help individuals avoid injury.
  • We can fix your doorways! Home builders usually install 24” doors, and unless a wheelchair approaches it directly each and every time, you’ll usually want a 36” door so you can get in, out, and around easier. This process of widening door frames involves removing the door, moving a light switch, widening the doorframe, installing the new door, and fixing the flooring.
  • We can widen your hallways! Like doorframes, widened hallways makes it much easier for someone using a wheelchair to get around; the optimal hallway width for hallways is also 36”.
  • We can adjust the height of your toilet seats and install grab bars! You can opt to replace your toilet with a higher seat, or you can choose to install a raised seat on top of the existing seat. For added comfort and safety, we can install grab bars to make getting up and down easier.
  • We can fix your sinks! There are a variety of options that make using sinks easier for those confined to wheelchairs, and we can install them for you.
  • We can install tubs! Because transferring from a wheelchair to a low-to-the-ground tub can be difficult as well as dangerous, we can install tubs that are easier for wheelchair-bound individuals to use.
  • We can make your stairs handicap accessible! Today’s wheelchair ramps are made from any of a variety of compounds, including wood, wood composite, aluminum, or concrete. Some last longer or require less upkeep than others; you can choose whichever one best suits your needs.

We specialize in handicap accessibility, and aging in place modifications. You may need to make the whole home handicap accessible, or just one floor or live-in suite. We can access your accessibility needs and help prepare a handicap accessible and/or wheelchair accessible home modification.

If you need the assistance of an experienced contractor to help make your home handicap accessible, please call Riggs Custom Builders for a free consultation today! We look forward to making your life easier.